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To aid Cancer Support Community Arizona in its efforts, $17 from each purchase will benefit all people impacted by cancer throughout Arizona.  Order your plate at www.azmvdnow.gov/plates.

Cancer Support Community Arizona launched a license plate design contest aimed at capturing the spirit of Arizona.  The winning design comes from Tessa Nicole, a native Arizonan. Tessa has coined a unique artistic style called textured pointillism. Tessa shared that she has always associated Cancer Support Community Arizona with light, a light in a dark world. This rendition pays homage to both Cancer Support Community Arizona and the state of Arizona, highlighting what they are best known for: a signature dramatic Arizona sunset combined with the Cancer Support Community Arizona logo shining bright at the forefront, contrasted against the silhouette of Camelback Mountain, accompanied by the saguaro cactus, a timeless symbol of the Southwest.

When can I purchase my new Cancer Support For Families license plate?

You can order your new Cancer Support for Families license plate in person or online at azmvdnow.gov/plates.

The cost for the Cancer Support for Families license plate is $25 for the initial application / $25 annual renewal, and for a personalized Cancer Support for Families plate, the initial application fee is $50/ $50 annual renewal. (six-character limit for a standard plate and four for a motorcycle plate).

Those with a personalized plate with six characters or less may keep their current personalization, four for a motorcycle. This requires a new application and a $50 annual personalized/specialty plate fee. This can be done by visiting an MVD or Authorized Third Party office.

A portion of the proceeds supports Cancer Support Community Arizona, whose mission is to uplift and strengthen people impacted by cancer by providing support, fostering compassionate communities and breaking down barriers to care.

Cancer Support for Families Plate
Cancer Support for Families Plate
Cancer Support for Families Motorcycle Plate
Cancer Support for Families Plate for Motorcycles

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