Join Cindy Payne for Hope Rising – Walking to share stories of people impacted by cancer.

Hope Rising features the personal story of someone impacted by cancer and invites all of us to support that person by sharing their story. 

Hope Rising recognizes the trials of a cancer journey, and how these can be diminished when we face it together through community. 

Cindy Payne will be walking and biking on behalf of each person and share their story to raise awareness and financial resources for Cancer Support Community Arizona. You can read her blog entries here.  

If you would allow her the privilege of walking on your behalf, please reach out to between June 1 and July 15, sharing your name and cancer journey, or the name and journey of the pon you would like to honor.     If you would like to make a donation in tribute to someone who is going through treatment, a survivor, or someone who has passed, please click here to donate today. On the form, you’ll see a place where you can note that your donation is a tribute.  

Can you walk, run, ride, meditate, or have friends and family over for a House Party on behalf of those impacted by cancer by hosting your own fundraiser? Please email us to learn how to host an event in partnership with Cancer Support Community Arizona. Your dedication raises awareness, hope, and financial resources for those on a cancer journey.