Cancer Support Community Arizona is starting programs in Flagstaff. These will include evidenced-based support groups, movement, therapeutic arts, health, nutrition, and education seminars. Programs are designed to boost your immune system, increase feelings of hope, control, and connection – ultimately improving your quality of life.

Our services are always at no charge to those affected by cancer and their loved ones.

Our Mission

To ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action and sustained by community.


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FREE Online Emotional Support.

When managing stress during cancer, your mind matters.


“There is no other place where I can get the support that I need…that really understands the limitations of having cancer.  

Prior to diagnosis, I functioned from day to day, meeting my goalsAfter being diagnosed that was taken away from me and I lost a sense of what it is to have hope and courage and just a sense of purpose and to me, being here, has given me that.”


Northern Arizona Programs

to register for programs in Flagstaff please view our Calendar

CanSurround is convenient and easy to use with a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. The digital platform contains a wide selection of psychosocial support tools proven to help you regain and maintain your footing. Choose the features that work best for you to move through worry and gain confidence while coping with cancer. You never know when you’re going to experience a distressing moment or thought.

Open to Options Have an upcoming doctor’s appointment? Schedule a one-on-one session with us to organize your thoughts, prioritize your questions, and establish your goals. To schedule a session, call us directly at (602)712-1006. 

Airbnb If you live more than 100 miles than where you are receiving treatment, you are eligible for FREE stays through Airbnb. Call the Cancer Support Helpline at 1-888-695-9753 for more information.  

Facebook LIVE Check out our Facebook page for upcoming live presentations you can participate in from anywhere!

Cancer Support Community Expands to Northern Arizona

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Contact: Debbie DiCarlo (602) 293-6898 Cancer Support...

Welcome to two new board members from Flagstaff: Liz McGinlay and Heidi Hansen!

Photo: Cancer Support Community Arizona meets in Flagstaff at the historic Colton House on the...

Free Housing for Patients Traveling more than 100 miles for Cancer Treatment

On March 26, Airbnb announced a strategic partnership with Cancer Support Community Headquarters!...

Find Us

In Norhtern Arizona we’ve partnered with 4 other organizations who allow us to use their facilities to hold programs at different locations throughout the month.

Phoenix Campus

Most of our programs as well as our administrative offices take place in our historic property in Downtown Phoenix. Our address “360 East Palm Lane”, plays in integral role int he holistic, full circle approach we take to cancer care and survivorship. We want our participants to feel as comfortable in our home as they would be in theirs.

Native Americans For Communtiy Action

Our friends at Native Americans for Community Action (NACA) have generously allowed us to host programming in their beautiful facility. 

24/7 Emotional Support

We have partnered with CanSurround to provide emotional support, online, 24/7. As with all of our programs, participation is 100% free.


| 360 East Palm Lane Phoenix, AZ 85004 |

| PO box 446, Flagstaff, AZ 86002 |