Tuesday 8/8/2023 I logged 11.25 miles walking for family members, caregivers, and friends of those with a cancer diagnosis.  These individuals, who are also impacted by cancer, are such an important component of the cancer journey for the cancer patient.  Sharing the burdens that cancer brings with loved ones and caregivers is one of the most important things a cancer patient can do.  No one should face cancer alone.  I am thankful to all the caregivers, friends, and family members who participate in the myriad of offerings at Cancer Support Community Arizona including support groups, movement classes, mind body classes, healing energy circle, expressive arts classes, social events, and more.  COMMUNITY is STRONGER than cancer.  Thank you to all family members, caregivers, and friends who help along the cancer journey.  I honor you.

Today, Wednesday, August 9, I walk on behalf of Cancer Support Community University at Northern Arizona University.  We received a grant from CSC HQ in July 2022 inviting us to establish a CSC University student organization to outreach to young adults on a cancer journey, either as a cancer patient or as a caregiver, family member, or friend of a cancer patient.  These young adults are impacted by cancer at a time in their lives when their focus should certainly be on other priorities.  Cancer complicates the already full agenda of college students and we were lucky to have a partnership with Northern Arizona University (NAU) that allowed us to launch the new student organization CSCU.

I honor Katie Cuendet who served as the president of CSCU throughout year one, making her way through the bureaucracy of launching a new organization.  I honor Dr. David Camacho who served as the first faculty advisor.  Thank you, Katie and David for the leadership you shared.  Thank you to EPS 602 for the research you conducted to discern what young adults want in areas of education around cancer prevention and support for the cancer journey. I honor Lowell, Meghan, Hannah, Ariana, Alexa, Alex Ann, Dani, Tara, Laura, Abby, Micayla, Natalie, the NAU Kayettes, and others who participated in the first-year development of CSCU, including the development a curriculum for educating young adults on topics of cancer prevention.  We are off to a great start in northern Arizona because of our strong partnership at NAU and CSCU in the education and support of young adults impacted by cancer.  I am eager to learn what the 2023-2024 academic year brings to the partnerships between CSCU and CSCAZ in northern Arizona and all those young adults, faculty, and staff at NAU we can support along the cancer journey.