Friday, August 11, I was blessed to walk 10.5 miles for Robert (Bobby) and Carol Pippin, friends I have known for many years.  I heard pieces of their journey before this walk, but having a great conversation with Bobby allowed me to learn more about them and their cancer journey.  Thanks for your vulnerability of sharing your story with me and with CSCAZ.  Thanks for your willingness to support others who are facing a similar journey. My prayer is that you remain cancer free and continue to embrace your life journey.

Leticia Diaz Walborg

Flowers at the headstone in Arlington National Cemetery, in honor of our wedding anniversary, August 9, 2023

Today I am walking in honor of Lety Walborg’s cancer journey and send thanks to Eric Walborg for sharing their story with me.  These are the words Eric shared about their journey…

“Firecracker.  In this sense, a word used aptly to describe a woman with a true passion for life, for others, and for living.  I was lucky enough to begin my journey with this firecracker 35 years ago.

Leticia (Lety) Walborg’s life was filled with many journeys both physically and emotionally.  The trials of a military family are endless, yet in my presence she never wavered, not once.  I’d call her from another country and say, “Hey, honey, we need to move to another country” and she’d say, “Ok, when?” “Two weeks”, and she’d say, “Ok, I’m on it”; or “Sweetheart, I know I’m a long way away, and you just gave birth and set up the baby’s room, but can you pack up everything, sell the house, and move 5,000 miles? … in the winter, in Alaska, “I’m on it!”  “I might be home in a couple months, but don’t plan on it, I can’t discuss it.”

She’d hang up the phone and continue working or volunteering with families and children in the community.  Her friends and coworkers would tell me how positively infectious her energy was.

One fond memory was when I was home one week and getting to spend time with her (on her schedule!) and our small children.  We were at a playground full of children and families.  I noticed all these children, again and again, would miraculously come huddling around Lety.  There was this presence, some unspoken God’s Gift that gave these children comfort and joy.  To witness all these people, yet here’s this one lady with 30 excited children huddled around her smiling and talking.  Wow, that’s inspiring.  Over time, I witnessed that same inspiration over and over.

The brutality of cancer entered our lives in 2014.  Our children were 8 and 6 years of age at the time.  Lety reached into the innermost depths of her fire and her cracker.  Chemotherapy and kids, “I’m on it!”.  Life changing surgery and soccer games, “I’m on it!”  She continued through all of it with that infectious energy and smile.

Military Women’s Memorial

Laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery

Lety never stopped fighting for our nation, her friends, and our family.  She was laid to rest with military honors at Arlington National Cemetery and subsequently inducted into the Military Women’s Memorial a few feet away.

It’s worth repeating that her children were 8 and 6 when she started her journey.  If someone asked how do you do it?  She’d say, “Easy, these guys are worth it!”, “I’m on it!”.

Son Nathaniel, Daughter Ruth, Husband Eric

The results “I’m on it!” are shown here.  Her legacy.  Those next two firecrackers!

And me.  Yes, how blessed I am to have held that hand.

Supporting cancer awareness and caring for each other through the journey is paramount.  Cancer Support Community of Northern Arizona carries forward that legacy of caring and support for those who are battling.

Thank you.


Eric Walborg”

Thank you Eric, for allowing me the honor to walk today, August 12, 2023, for Lety, Nathaniel, Ruth, and for you.  Thank you for the service your family has dedicated to our country.  Blessings to you and those you love.  Cindy