It is Tuesday, August 15, 2023.  The month from 7/14-8/14 flew by so quickly.  Walking for Those on a Cancer Journey was a highlight of the month for me and I hope for you also.  There was so much to learn about individual cancer journeys and I am deeply grateful to all those who shared their journey with me and allowed me to share it on the blog.  THANK YOU.

Monday I logged 11.3 miles for Rachel.  And, what a journey Rachel has traveled.  Thank you, Rachel, for sharing your inspiring story and pictures.  You are truly a testament to positivity, endurance, community, and advocacy.  Thank you for the work you continue to do on behalf of those on cancer journeys.


In the next few days I hope to be able to report some totals around the walk like how many individuals donated and how much money was raised.  I can tell you that July 14 through August 14, according to my handy-dandy Fit Bit, I walked 409.52 miles in memory of, in honor of, and in celebration of more than 60 individual cancer stories, 32 of which were highlighted on this blog over the month-long walking campaign. If you are motivated to donate on behalf of individuals highlighted on this walk and have not yet had the opportunity to do so, I hope that you will.  We are letting the individuals highlighted in the campaign (or their family members) know who donated in their honor and there is still time to give at https://cscaz.gnosishosting.net/Portal/Donate. In the “TRIBUTE” portion of your donation list the name of the person for whom you are donating. For those who wish to sponsor miles walked that donation would be $409.00.  Any donation amount is deeply meaningful to the work of CSCAZ in northern Arizona and allows us to continue to offer all services completely free of charge to all who are impacted by cancer.

Thanks for following the blog this month.  I have enjoyed the blogging component of the walking campaign and pledge to blog often about the successes of the northern Arizona component of CSCAZ.  It is such fun sharing the joys of our work.  Stop by 914 N. San Francisco Street anytime and please send all those impacted by cancer in northern Arizona by to benefit from the services offered.