When Maria’s biopsy revealed she had breast cancer, she didn’t have time to think about the magnitude of her diagnosis. Her doctor explained she needed surgery, likely followed by rounds of chemo and radiation.

All Maria could think about was her two pre-teen boys, her adult son, and her husband. Maria knew time away from motherhood wasn’t an option, and her immediate response was “just take my entire breast!” Maria thought it would be quicker, cheaper, and less of a burden.

Maria speaks only Spanish which presents challenges when discussing her cancer care. When Maria called Cancer Support Community Arizona, she was scared. She was used to taking care of everyone else and now she needed support.

Understanding Maria’s fear of being unable to fulfill her family responsibilities, her doctor explained her treatment options and, Cancer Support Community Arizona connected her to our Spanish language support programs.

At Cancer Support Community Arizona, Maria found connection and community that created Hope for her future.

Maria is now midway through radiation and she loves “todo!” [everything] we offer especially yoga and our cooking classes. She’s even made friends! Maria has found a community that understands in order to take care of her family, she must also take care of herself! When Maria is in our home-like environment, she experiences a sense of peace knowing that we’re here for her every step of the way.