Bill Quigg!

Bill Quigg has been involved with Cancer Support Community for almost as long as we have been open and remains a faithful Outreach Ambassador and Donor.

He received the First Harold H. Benjamin Integrity in Leadership Award in honor of our Founder Harold H. Benjamin. He sent us this amazing Thank you:

Dear Debbie,

On the road and no stationary, so please excuse an email thank you from Vermont.

I was so honored and humbled to be recognized by the organization with the Harold Benjamin Award. It was really Sue, who you didn’t get to meet, who was our joint face to those with cancer She had a unique way of relating in public, at our events, with those seeking a place to share their journey.

The fact two of my daughters flew in gives you an idea of how our family feels about CSC and the organization’s role in our lives.

I mention that while we support the cause, it is the staff that keeps us here. It is because of you and the rest of the staff that we really find motivation to serve. I think you know that is really the case in any non-profit.

Frankly, after Sue died I didn’t know if I could return. After over ten years of Newcomer meetings with her I couldn’t face that alone. But, I got the call after two years or so, Bill how about serving on the Porch Party committee and giving the motivational talk. How do you say no to that and here I am. Yes, the cause was in my heart, but the staff got me back. Even with the natural turn over, those (including you) who replaced them have a new place in my heart.

Thank you so much.