Cancer Support Community Arizona (CSCAZ) is a qualified organization under the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit.  You can donate $421 when you file single or $841 when you are married filing jointly and get a dollar-for-dollar credit toward your Arizona state taxes.  Our QCO code is 20821.

You can claim this credit in addition to the public and private school and foster care agency credits.

  Example 1 Example 2
State Tax Owed $10,000 $10,000
State Tax Paid $  9,000 $10,200
Taxes Due $  1,000  
Refund Due   $     200
*QCO Tax Credit $    800 $     800
Amount Owed/Refunded $    200 $    1,000

*Please always consult your tax advisor for proper handling of charitable gifts and for questions about the Charitable Tax Credit.

For more than 20 years, we’ve led the charge to build a vibrant community of cancer survivors and their loved ones by providing free emotional, social, nutritional, and educational support as a complement to medical therapy.

With any cancer diagnosis come feelings of hopelessness and social isolation. It’s our goal to ensure cancer patients have a strong community by their side, every step of the way.  CSCAZ is funded by foundations, corporations and individuals like you.

For questions, please contact Annet Ruiter, Chief Mission Officer at (602) 452-5237 or aruiter@cscaz.org