Olga is creating a radiation mask to represent her mother. It is not quite finished, but you can take a peek at how it represents Anastasia’s creative side and then see the final creation at the gallery show at Epiphany Episcopal Church in Flagstaff, September – December 2023. The CSCAZ Radiation Masks will be featured on October 6, at First Friday at 6 pm at the church.  We are highlighting the radiation masks made by Flagstaff artists and have eight additional local masks to share. Please join us then to honor Anastasia and Nicholas and to meet many of our local Flagstaff artists.

Olga and I met Saturday morning at Bushmaster Park and walked for just over an hour together while she shared stories about Nicholas and Anastasia, growing up in New York, attending public school and then Greek School in NYC (just like on My Big Fat Greek Wedding), visiting Greece often,  Nicholas’ law career and her mom’s return to Greece.  She shared how sudden the onset of stomach cancer was for each of them and how quickly it took their lives.  There was no warning, no pain in advance of the discovery, and very little time to spend with each of them.  Olga was in Greece for the 2022/23 holiday season when her mom was diagnosed and stayed with her through to the end and is heading back to Greece in August to determine what to do with the home and property.  Please keep Olga in your thoughts and prayers as this is the second estate she handled, first for Nicholas and now for Anastasia.

We walked between 2-3 miles this morning and as of noon I have recorded 7.7 miles for Nicholas and Anastasia.  Enjoy our pictures from Saturday morning.

It was a beautiful morning at Bushmaster Park.  I really enjoyed hearing Olga’s family stories and Baxter really enjoyed the long walk and visiting the dog park.  Make it a glorious day!!  Cindy