“From Darkness to Light” Radiation Mask Exhibit

“From Darkness to Light” Radiation Mask Exhibit at Coconino Center for the Arts, March 2023

Radiation Mask created by artist Del Zartner

Reflecting on those that attend the 15-minutes of movement CSCAZ virtual class on Tuesdays and Thursdays I recorded 12.68 miles walking on Sunday.  I love this group that comes together multiple times each week in celebration of the fact that we need to move our bodies every day to stay healthy.  These participants smile and laugh and totally support one another and me while we shake our hips and lift our legs and raise our heart rates enough to get the blood flowing again.  It is a fun class.  One of our NAU Interns (who already graduated) teaches the morning sessions and I lead the afternoon sessions.  Tara and I both look forward to it!!  I am SO grateful to Tara who enjoys the class so much that she has continued to teach now 3 months beyond her own graduation.  And I am grateful to the 15-minutes of movement participant who made a financial contribution recently on behalf of this class.  Thank You!!

Dramatic artistic expression on two radiation masks

Today, Monday, August 7, I am walking on behalf of all those on a cancer journey who prefer to remain unnamed.  We have several CSCAZ participants who have asked to remain anonymous and prefer to not share their personal journey with others.  I carry each of you in my heart and think about you daily.  I am walking today to recognize your journey.  This is such an important reminder to all of us to be kind and compassionate to everyone around us since we do not know the journey everyone is traveling.  Today I embark to spread kindness and compassion and urge everyone reading this to do the same.