Day 12 walking was in memory of Marisa Bowen and I recorded just under 12 miles.  It was a beautiful day reflecting on the lives touched during the cancer trials Marisa faced.  Thanks for modeling strength, dignity and endurance Marisa.

My campaign kick-off for mayor of Flagstaff. I had just left my radiation treatment. I had to have help getting up on the wall to give my speech.

Day 13 finds Flagstaff influencer Coral Evans on my walking schedule and I am delighted to share Coral’s story:

This was my second major debate. I was undergoing treatments and did not feel at all well that evening. I won the debate though.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer the second time about a month after I had decided to run for Mayor of my hometown.  I still remember how we planned my campaign alongside my chemo and radiation treatments in my oncologist’s office.  I will never forget her taking the calendar off of the wall and her and my campaign manager figuring out what would be the best days for chemo and the best days for knocking on doors.  My oncologist told me I had an incredible team of people around me, and that concept just stuck.  As we came in for treatment my friends would say “I’m with Coral” or “Team Coral” and the nurses just let them pass. One day my campaign manager called me all excited because she had just picked up my campaign “swag,” and she couldn’t wait for me to see it.  The rack cards, pins, buttons, stickers, and t-shirts all said, “I’m with Coral” and “Team Coral.” Those two comments became my campaign slogans.

Members of Team Coral

When I officially kicked off my campaign, I had just come from radiation treatment. I had to get help on the brick wall in front of City Hall to address the crowd. It was something to see all the people on Team Coral. It was an incredible journey that I will never forget and as complex and challenging as it was, one that I am grateful to have had the opportunity to experience. I am thankful for those on Team Coral, those who knew I had cancer and were intent on helping me beat it, and those who did not know about cancer but were determined to help me win my election. For all who said, “I’m with Coral”. I am honored and blessed. And ultimately because of Team Coral, in 2016 I won. I beat cancer and I was elected mayor.”

I am looking forward to walking on behalf of Coral Evans today.  It is 7:45 a.m. and I have recorded 3.15 miles so far!  Make it a great day.

It is something to walk into a room for a debate after a cancer treatment and see a t-shirt or sign like this. It did my heart good.

My daughter with her mail-in ballot. She voted for me <3

Me after being sworn in as mayor of Flagstaff.