I am delighted to share that I walked 12.69 miles in memory of Michael Bradford and was able to share information about Michael and our tribute walks at our Navajo Taco Fundraising Dinner.  We had somewhere around 80 people attend the dinner and had a lovely evening.  I am so grateful for all our volunteers and all our donors.  THANK YOU for helping us to continue providing every service we provide free to charge to anyone impacted by cancer.

Today is Day 15 of Walking for Those on a Cancer Journey and today I am walking for Millie Peterson.  Millie is an active volunteer with CSCAZ NAZ.  She works in our Wig Salon every Friday morning, fitting wigs for those losing their hair due to their cancer treatment.  Millie always brings a big smile into the center and we love having her here every week.

Here is a piece of Millie’s cancer journey: “During a routine screening mammogram on June 16, 2020, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It was the worst day of my life hearing those dreadful words “you have cancer”.  The following weeks after diagnosis, I was scared, overwhelmed and in disbelief.   Fortunately, I was blessed with an excellent medical team who worked seamlessly to make sure my surgery, radiation therapy and follow up scans went well.  Due to the pandemic, patients receiving cancer treatment were not allowed to have family or friends physically present during any treatment or doctor appointments.  Grateful to my awesome Nurse Navigator who was there for me at a moment’s notice, she was my hero!

When I finished active treatment, I thought things would eventually return to normal.  Was I wrong!  Post-cancer is extremely life changing.  I have learned to make healthy choices and the importance of regular exercise, and self-care.

Today, I have fear of recurrence which is common among cancer survivors.  Whenever this fear comes up, the emotional toll makes it difficult for me to function properly for several days.  Thankful for the prayers and the ongoing love and support from my family and friends which helps me work through those difficult days.”   Millie

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to walk in celebration of your healthy lifestyle Millie.  I am 5 miles into the days walking and look forward to seeing you here in the office later this morning.