A fully comprehensive support program for those affected by cancer must include these different dimensions of wellness—emotional, social, community, physical and education. Cancer Support Community Arizona further recognizes success through personal emotional and social support that includes family members and friends. Through life enriching activities that include healthy lifestyle activities, educational seminars, support services and social connections, CSCAZ has remained a reputable leader that provides caring and well structured services during each stage for anyone that has been affected by cancer.  

To strike a life balance the focus on mind, body and community are the vital tools necessary for quality of life as well as surviving a diagnosis. The people at Cancer Support Community -Arizona have a truly comprehensive program, a survivor’s personal journey of growth and enrichment that is then extended to include the entire family and friends. At the core of each service, the goal emphasizes the ability to help each person we serve find their purpose and strength. Community and social interaction are the pillars that hold up the values of involvement and their diverse programming ensures that all types of people are engaged in; ways that are comfortable and suitable for them.

This passage is from a program participant  who later became a volunteer sharing the life changing effect of the programs at CSCAZ. With permission here is her story:

Diagnosed in 2011 with vaginal cancer but did not receive treatment until end of 2012, which is common for the Latino community because of the barriers of shame, no insurance, and no designated health care professional. Lourdes found CSCAZ through the support of a friend. With no family living nearby, she began to get very depressed and felt alone.  

In her letter she notes that It felt wonderful to have a community and she really enjoyed and benefited from the Tai Chi classes and community events. She feels very strongly that Latino women get help and find a place to be included and embraced and understands that education is the key.

Lourdes became a certified Tai Chi and Yoga teacher so that she can ensure that others have this opportunity in Spanish and is currently a dedicated and passionate volunteer for CSCAZ and keeps healthy by giving back as a Mind and Body facilitator offering access to Spanish speaking participants and is thankfully in full remission.

The great thing about Cancer Support Community Arizona programs is that they offered free to anyone that has been diagnosed with cancer. We also serve loved ones who have been impacted by a cancer diagnosis. Programs include support, community engagement, education, nutrition and body movement.  We offer programs specifically for teens and family members, as well as resources and groups for Spanish speaking families.

To get things started and help make the transition easier, there is a newcomer meeting that helps participants get acclimated in a comfortable setting while offering all the information necessary for a successful program implementation.

For more information on the services, support and opportunities provided check out CSCAZ programs and get involved today!