Meet Joy Kiviat our Zumba® Instructor

Joy is lifelong exerciser. She has always taught and participated in activities such as aerobics, martial arts, cardio kickboxing and so much more! This high energy, endorphin loving lady has brought so much to Cancer Support Community Arizona.

Returning to school to become a Nurse Practitioner, Joy found herself working in the Oncology wing. She was talking care of patients as thy received bone marrow transplants. She noticed how much the treatments were draining the patients throughout their stay. When they first came in they always felt great; by the time they were discharged the Physical Therapy department was brought in to see if they would need PT.

Deciding what her research project would be for her master’s program Joy met a Physical Therapist who also needed to do research. The two teamed up and studied the effects of oncology patients exercising throughout their treatment. The exercise classes Joy ran were 15 minutes long and not very strenuous. The project went over very well! Patients would enjoy the time out of their room and socializing with others. Often times, they would stay for 45 minutes after class just talking, Joy said. The biggest impact she found during the project was “the people felt more like people,” Joy said.

While in Tucson, Joy was hired at the University of Arizona in the College of Nursing. She worked very hard to continue her project, backed by University of Arizona Joy created Survior+cise! This class is a safe, fun group exercise class for cancer survivors and their caregivers. This class helped participants ease back into exercise during and after cancer treatment in a safe and fun environment.

Life encouraged Joy to move to Phoenix. This is when she started with the Cancer Support Community Arizona. Joy decided instructing a well-known, branded class would be more enticing for participants to sign up. Therefore, Joy became a certified Zumba® and Zumba Gold® instructor.

Joy and her passionate class love their Zumba class! They have even started going to Gentle Yoga classes to start recruiting more participants. Joy and her class are full of … well joy! They all dressed up for their Halloween class and danced to the classics like Thriller and Monster Mash. If you are interested in Zumba, make sure not to miss class every Monday from 11:00 am- 12:00 pm.