mo-and-joyMeet Joy – Outreach Coordinator, Clay Class Facilitator

Joy has been married to a wonderful man for 37 years and loves her three grown sons. In Canada, Joy was a paralegal for a criminal lawyer for 10 years. Joy and her family moved to Arizona in 1993 from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Once she moved her, Joy stayed at home to help the kids adjust to a new country, school, etc. “We LOVE Arizona,” Joy says proudly. She explains, her sons are very close to one another. One of her sons is married and lives in California; he has two adorable grandsons. Joy says, “we SPECIALIZE in boys you see.” Joy has been a hobby ceramicist for about 16 years. Along with this she loves to travel and scuba dive with her husband.

About 15 years ago, Joy had a sarcoma removed from her leg and found art to be a great therapy, especially clay. Through this passion, she started a 501( c)(3) in 2001 called, Creative Arts in Healing, Inc. to help cancer patients deal with all of the emotional elements that come along with diagnosis. In 2001, Joy met with the Executive Director of The Wellness Community (now Cancer Support Community Arizona). Joy started clay workshops through Creative Arts in Healing at The Wellness Community. Along with a couple of dedicated volunteers, the clay workshops continue to occur at Cancer Support Community Arizona about twice each month.

Joy’s favorite things about Cancer Support Community Arizona:

“I love the passionate staff that really care for the participants. I love my boss, the Program Director- Tracy Thurston. The new Executive Director, Debbie, is awesome! I believe there is more to the cancer experience than the medical side and that the emotional element that looms large is tenderly cared for by the facilitators and participants. It is a priceless help so that no one really does have to face cancer alone.”