The BHHS Legacy Foundation’s sustained investment in Cancer Support Community Arizona (CSCAZ) is helping us to enhance our presence in the Phoenix-Metro West Valley to offer our free evidence-based emotional, nutritional, social, and educational programs to anyone impacted by cancer.

In 2019, we’re honored and excited to partner with BHHS Legacy Foundation and launch our West Valley Expansion Project (WVEP). The WVEP is funded as a result of generous financial support provided by BHHS Legacy Foundation, which is an Arizona charitable organization whose philanthropic mission is “To enhance the quality of life and health of those it serves.” 

The sprawling and diverse area that defines our West Valley community can present significant barriers to care for patients battling cancer and for their loved ones providing care and support. Cancer Support Community Arizona is committed to enhancing access to our free programs so that no one faces cancer alone®. 

With an overarching goal of improving community health, the first 12 months of WVEP will focus on the following strategic aims:  

  1. Identify disparities in access to supportive services for cancer patients, caregivers, and family members  
  2. Implement solutions to achieve a significant reduction in the barriers-to-care West Valley residents experience;  
  3. Deliver critical psychosocial support to 500 West Valley CSCAZ Participants, especially low income, underserved and uninsured individuals 

Beginning in 2020 and spanning a two-year time frame, CSCAZ, along with additional funders and identified partners, will: 

  • Centralize program delivery by establishing a permanent West Valley facility; 
  • Provide significant opportunities for city government, West Valley businesses, medical partners and educational institutions to participate in our programs; 
  • Achieve recognition as the premier West Valley Access to comprehensive cancer care organization.  



Please join us in recognizing BHHS Legacy Foundation in our Partner Spotlight—their light shines bright in the West Valley for our cancer survivors and their loved ones!