Written by Leo Candelaria, Cancer Support Community Arizona

When you walk in it feels like family. Nobody’s going to be judging me. It’s nice to talk to other people with a cancer story.

As men, we put up this guard, that we are always strong.

You know what, cancer hurts. I don’t feel good at times and I really want to let that guard down. Around family we don’t let our emotions show. With other men I’m able to be real. to cry if I need to cry, to laugh when I’m in need of that. A chance for only men to get to know each other. We can really let loose.

This summer, we’re inviting all men impacted by cancer to get together and enjoy a relaxing day, while out doing something fun. Register at cscaz.org. Tickets are limited.

July 2: Spider-Man: Far from Home. Join us for an outing to see the new Spider-man. Showtime is 1:10 pm at AMC Arizona Center 24 in Phoenix.
August 13: Heard Museum: The internationally acclaimed Heard Museum is one of the best places to experience the myriad of cultures and art of the American Indians of the Southwest. From 1–3 pm, including a guided tour.
September 3: Eat and play, poker & dominoes. this special event will be on-site from 11 am–1 pm as we celebrate our community with poker & dominoes. Lunch will be provided. At Cancer Support Community Arizona