Hi all! My name is Maggie Hess. I recently turned 22 years old and am currently doing an internship with Cancer Support Community Arizona! I moved out to Arizona from New Jersey about a year and a half ago. My cousin recruited me to go to Wilkes University in Mesa; it’s a satellite to their main campus in Pennsylvania. I love Arizona and all that there is to do. I am currently getting my Bachelors in Business Management but I have always had a fascination for the health field. I spent this summer back home with my family in New Jersey, it was nice to be back with family, I forgot how much I missed them! During the summer I started to wonder if my major was right for me. I was having second thoughts and thinking about changing my major to nursing. I talked to my cousin Ryan and he suggested I talk with Hallie Rexer, who went through a similar situation. Hallie is the Marketing Coordinator at Cancer Support Community Arizona and her mom works at my school. Dr. Rexer had suggested that I give nonprofit work a shot, so here I am three months later as the development intern. I think my experience here has helped me clarify that I want to work on the business spectrum rather than the hands on aspect of health care.

From the beginning of my time here, Alyson had always been raving about their Annual Porch Party. I had plans to be in Belize that week, but I actually came back early because I was curious about the event. Well, Alyson was right because it was one of the most beautiful events I have witnessed in my 22 years! It was amazing to see people want to give so much to those who are struggling. Each week for school I have to write an essay reflecting my week at Cancer Support Community Arizona regarding leadership, responsibility, communication, diversity, etc. These essays give me time to reflect about my time here. It makes me feel grateful and proud of the organization that I have become a part of. I have never experienced a work environment so welcoming and genuine, I can confidently say everyone here reflects the Cancer Support Community Arizona mission.


All semester Maggie has been working hard to plan a Flow N’ Fundraising Yoga Class to benefit Cancer Support Community Arizona. The yoga class takes place this Sunday, November 20th. It will be held on campus- 360 East Palm Lane, Phoenix AZ 85004. Registration will open at 9:30 am and class is 10 a.m.-11 a.m. The class is $10 (or $5 for students!) Please come support Maggie and Cancer Support Community Arizona!