Q&A with Diana!

Our NEW Cancer Resource Navigator

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Reason number 152 why I love @CSCArizona. They have amazing staff members!

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Share with us about why you have chosen to serve cancer patients and their families:

I’m Dentist from Colombia with a master’s degree. For thirteen years I attended patients in dialysis and /or with immune diseases such as HIV and Cancer.

I worked for the National Health Services in Colombia, Police Department and in my private office.

In 2004, I left my dental practice and moved to Phoenix.

In 2006, I started working at Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS. Later I worked in Area Agency on Aging / Care Directions and Valleywise Health Care. My primary focus was to work with non-profit organizations, providing education, prevention, medical case management services with specific emphasis to low income minority groups.

We would love to learn more about your family!

My parents and brother live in Colombia. My sister and her family reside in Switzerland.

I live with my son, who is attending high school, surrounded by good friends who we consider to be our family.

With my son, we enjoy watching movies, outdoor activities, gardening. We love birds and have adopted parakeets that give us joy and company. We also have a turtle.

What do you like most about CSCAZ?

Now more than ever it is an honor to have the opportunity to visit patients in the hospital. I can bring them a message of support and hope reminding them that they and their families are not alone dealing with cancer.

Do you volunteer in the community or support any other non-profit organizations?

My passion is to serve others and recognize there is a purpose behind life’s mishaps that occur to others in need.

Thank you Diana for sharing a bit about you! To connect with the Diana and the rest of the CSCAZ team CLICK HERE