My name is Kim and I am a Breast and Spine Cancer Survivor. This is My Story.

Cancer has impacted my life in a major way! I never thought it would be me because I thought of it being hereditary or from smoking. No one in my family has/have it and I never smoked.

I had been throwing up everyday for 2 years, then in October 2017, I jumped a fence and landed on my back. With back bone I went to doctor for xray and ct scan and that is when they found black spots on my spine, tumor on right pelvic bone (walked with a cane for 3 months until tumor decreased in size) and 2 mass in right breast.

I thought my life was over! I cried for my family (husband and 2 sets of twins ages 10 and 4). I went through radiation and chemo and have been in remission since May. The cancer is under control with my marker being 24 from a 766. Yes 766! I know it was only God and prayers that got me to where I am today and I can’t thank everyone enough.