My name is Kim and I am an Ovarian Cancer Survivor. This is my story.

My kids were 5 & 7 when I was first diagnosed with OVCA. Now at 9 & 11, they have become tragically familiar with the realities of the advanced cancer journey.

Since my first remission, I have recurred twice and just completed my 36th infusion, 18th cycle since diagnosis. I never thought anything could be worse than being diagnosed, but each recurrence is harder as I see my future with them fading.

I’ve gone from being a cancer warrior to feeling very defeated and discouraged. I feel like I’ve failed my children. My 11 year old daughter told me she saw that people beat cancer with hope and courage. My heart hurt as I struggled to explain that sometimes that’s not enough.

Empowering words encouraged me early in my journey, but as I’ve gone on, those same words have devastated me. I miss the hope and courage I felt in the early days.  My hope would be that others feeling discouraged realize these feelings are normal and acceptable as part of the process.