Many cancers can become resistant to treatment. It’s frustrating for doctors. Devastating for patients. This happens for many reasons. Cancer can adapt, making itself unaffected by a treatment that was once working. Or the drug to treat it just never made it to the cancer cells. According to doctors at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, this doesn’t mean we give up! Read more about our growing understanding of cancer behaviors including new ways to combat cancer’s resistance to treatment drugs.


About Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) is a national network of five hospitals that serves adult patients who are fighting cancer. CTCA® offers an integrative approach to care that combines advancements in genomic testing and precision cancer treatment, surgery, radiation, immunotherapy and chemotherapy, with evidence-informed supportive therapies designed to help patients physically and emotionally by enhancing their quality of life while managing side effects both during and after treatment. You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIN and YouTube.