Hello and happy Friday.  It has been a full week now that we have been “walking for those on a cancer journey” here in northern Arizona.  It has been a wonderful, reflective, conversation-full week.  I am deeply grateful to each of the participants who have shared their stories.  Thank you.

I logged 13.53 miles Thursday for and with Karen Beeson.  I found a couple of additional fun pictures to share of Karen actively participating in CSCAZ classes and events including pumpkin making and the day she was in the Arizona Republic featuring our Forest Bathing class.  Thanks Karen.

Today, July 21 I am walking to honor the cancer journey of Steve Peru, a survivor of lymphoma.  Steve graciously shared his story during our 2021 campaign “I Care Because I’ve Been There” which we launched in partnership with Cindy May Marketing to announce the grand opening of CSCAZ in northern Arizona.  At the time Steve, and wife Beth, shared this message:

“The cancer journey is not singular, you need a partner.”

“The cancer journey is not singular, you need a partner. A person who can listen, interpret, follow up and be there. You will have those who will drive, cook, do errands, clean, etc. That person who can be YOU when you can’t be is important. Keep a binder from day one. Have a section for everything and save everything. Begin a journal to keep your thoughts, fears and progress.”
Here is another fun picture of Steve and Beth helping us bake and decorate cinnamon rolls for our annual holiday cinnamon roll fundraiser.
It is noon and I have logged 6.6 miles so far, having walked to work today!!  Looking forward to walking more on Steve’s behalf as the day progresses.  Be well Steve.  Cindy