Alice and I had a wonderful journey across northern Arizona on Wednesday, logging almost 300 miles in the reliable CSCAZ Van as we visited Kykotsmovi and Hopi Health Services and then Tuba City and Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation.  Testing of the tele-health tablets was not as successful as we hoped due to spotty cellular service, but that is what we anticipated.  I snuck in 10 miles at the beginning and end of the day and was happy to catch up on the work being done in the area of cancer testing for women at Hopi Health Services.

I am walking today, Thursday, August 3, on behalf of Nancy Foreman.  Nancy is “the” person in northern Arizona who has guided so many people through their cancer journey over the years and everyone has glowing comments about the work she does every day.  Nancy also has her own cancer story and this is what she shared with CSCAZ:

“When I was going through cancer most of my support came through my family but also from co-workers. Being an RN at the cancer center and going through treatment was a real eye opener. Some of the best support came from my soccer team who focused on the team and the game and not my cancer. When you have too many support people always asking how you’re doing, it’s really nice to have a group who sees you without cancer and that at your core, you’re still the same person. You need time away from cancer.

You must hold on to the belief that you will get through this knowing at times the path will feel unsurmountable. You will be amazed at how strong you are. You may have a few friends who are uncomfortable with your diagnosis and treatment and who you do not hear from but most will give you amazing support. Not many of us are used to accepting help, but this is the time in your life to be the receiver. Plus it makes others feel good to help take care of you! It might not change your outlook on life or make you a better person but it will give you tremendous empathy for the struggles that we all endure at times”  Nancy Foreman