“While canvassing the neighborhoods it became a “thing” for us to look for tree swings. I was undergoing treatments at this time”. Coral

It was an absolute pleasure walking for Coral Evans on Wednesday.  We had quite the variety of weather throughout the day and about 30 minutes of afternoon walking was in a light rain storm which was absolutely wonderful after all the heat we have experienced.  I logged in 13 miles for Coral, which is nowhere close to the number of miles she walked while in treatment during her mayoral campaign.  A truly devoted Flagstaff woman.

During our October 2021 grand opening campaign Coral shared these words:

“Always believe you will make it through.”

“Our cancer journey was filled with so many wonderful people including family, friends and also strangers who we met along the way. They provided rides to/from chemo and radiation treatments, brought food, took Destiney ‘to hang out’, called or came over to visit and even came together as part of what they called #TeamCoral. I will be forever grateful to all who ‘rallied’ around us.

Whether you are the one going through cancer, or like Destiney, the wind beneath the wings of someone facing cancer, I want to encourage you to always believe that you will make it through. And if for some reason you are struggling, tell those around you who will then help you get back your faith. It’s hard but you can do this.”

Thanks Coral.

July 3, 2005 Final radiation treatment for squamous cell of the post pharyngeal wall.

Today, Thursday, July 27 I am walking for Michael Bradford.  Thanks to his beautiful devoted wife Karen for providing his story.

Michael’s journey:

1st time:  Diagnosed in early 2005:  squamous cell of the post pharyngeal wall.

  • Began radiation treatments in May
  • Finished July 3rd,  He was sent home.  I don’t think they expected him to live.
  • He had a near death experience and began to recover afterwards.
  • He made the Climb to conquer cancer on August 26, 2005.
  • Then we went to Mississippi to work on Hurricane Katrina. That’s where he had his feeding tube removed.

Michael Bradford on Snowbowl Road for the Climb to Conquer Cancer with his iconic frog. Frog stands for “Fully Rely on God”.

On November 2, 2017 I took Michael to FMC ER with severe pain in his right side.  They ran some tests and decided to admit him for more tests.  In his room he told me he knew the cancer was back.  After scopes and biopsies, they discharged him late Friday night and told him to see his family doctor on Monday.  We spent the weekend visiting with our boys and their families.  Monday, I scheduled the last appointment of the day with our doctor.  The boys went with us.  Our doctor started reading the report and crying.  Michael had cancer throughout his pancreas.  He would refer us to the cancer center.

The afternoon of November 7 no word from the cancer center.  Michael asked me to promise him two things: that no matter what happened, I shouldn’t sell the house and that I would not cancel or postpone an upcoming back surgery I was scheduled for at the end of November.  He also told me he didn’t want to go through the treatments.  He asked me to pray that God would release him from the road of suffering that he saw ahead.

At 3 AM November 8, 2017 Michael had a massive heart attack in his sleep and never regained consciousness.

I am honored to walk for Michael Bradford and the Bradford family today.  From 5:00 – 6:30 pm today Cancer Support Community AZ will be hosting a Navajo Taco Dinner Fundraiser at Trinity Heights United Methodist Church.  Trinity Heights was Michael’s home church and Karen remains an active Trinity Heights member.  You can support Michael and others who have experienced a cancer journey at the dinner this evening where the suggested donation for a Navajo Taco plate is $15 and where CSCAZ will have a variety of fabulous auction items and opportunities to support needs at the northern Arizona CSCAZ center.  I hope to see you there.  Together we can take a lap around the church on behalf of Michael.