On March 26, Airbnb announced a strategic partnership with Cancer Support Community Headquarters!

Airbnb is providing grant funding to help relieve the financial burden of patients and their families in finding housing when traveling for cancer treatment.

“Many families in Northern Arizona travel long distances for treatment at great expense and hardships such as being away from home, sometimes separated from their support network and in stark hospital environments” shared Sandi Perez, V.P. of Cancer Support Community Northern Arizona.

The Airbnb community will provide free housing for cancer patients and caregivers, provided they meet certain geographic and income criteria. This will be a welcome relief for patients and families struggling to cover the many costs of cancer care.

There is a dedicated Airbnb-specific line on the CancerSupportHelpline®  at (877.793.0498).

This toll-free line is staffed by licensed professionals who field thousands of calls from patients seeking assistance. Call this number and you will be connected to a person able to answer questions and help you start your application.

The two main criteria are:

  1. Patients and caregivers must have to travel at least 100 miles or more for treatments, scans, clinical trials, and other medically necessary care to qualify
  2. Applicants must meet specific annual income guidelines by providing documents.

Required documents are at least one of the following:

  • The first two pages of last year’s signed copy of their income tax return
  • Acopy of their most recent paycheck
  • Unemployment check, Social Security, SSI, SSD, or public assistance benefit notification.

The application includes a form to verify the treatment needs, which must be by signed by an oncologist, nurse, or medical social worker.

Once you qualify, a Helpline professional can walk you through the steps to book your Airbnb.

To apply or learn more about this program call the CSC Airbnb Helpline toll-free at 877.793.0498.