It feels like time has been flying by, doesn’t it?

It’s been almost a year since Cancer Support Community in Northern Arizona (CSCAZ NAZ) officially opened its doors to provide information, services, and a strong sense of community for all in our region who are impacted by cancer.

Meanwhile, in addition to our first anniversary coming up, there are only a few months left to 2022. Where did the time go?

Thinking about this inspired me to create a short video I hope you’ll watch and share with your family, friends and colleagues. It’s about the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit and how taking advantage of it can ensure that CSCAZ NAZ has many more anniversaries to come.

Here’s the beauty of the tax credit. It allows you to support a Qualified Charitable Organization (like Cancer Support Community), while giving you that money back through a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your state income taxes. Not a deduction, but an actual credit. You owe $500 to the state of Arizona? Donate $400 to CSCAZ NAZ and your tax bill will be cut to $100 through the tax credit.

If we had 20 families donating the maximum $800 for couples filing jointly (or 40 people donating the $400 maximum for individuals), it would raise $16,000 for our community to support our always free services and programs – essentially without costing those donors a thing. I give real life examples from my family of how this is true in the video, including how my son actually got a tax refund because of his donation.

This is an amazing opportunity to direct how the taxes you owe to the state will be spent. And you don’t need to itemize your taxes to receive the credit, you can claim it even if you take the standard deduction.

Each of us has our own personal story of how cancer has touched our lives. Will you please join me in making this dream come true in support of those impacted by cancer across northern Arizona?

Cindy Payne
Executive Director
Cancer Support Community Northern Arizona

P.S. By the way, you don’t have to donate the maximum all at once. That’s why I wanted to bring it to your attention now. If you donated $100 each month from now through December (or $200 for a couple filing jointly), you’d hit the maximum benefit by the end of the year. Just a thought…